Art School of Northern Helsinki

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Application forms: new applicants and continue studies

You will find the forms on Hakulomakkeet page

How to apply

Application time for new applicants is 15 April - 15 May. If there are more applications than vacancies on the courses to attend there is a lottery as to which applicants are selected. Those chosen will be notified before mid August. The rest of the applicants will be put on a waiting list. Because cancellations often occur, the applicants on the waiting list may have a chance to start their studies later during the school year. Even if you are not on the waiting list, don't hesitate to ask the school office for vacancies throughout the school year!

The school offers a few vacancies annually for so called free students. These have to be applied on a separate form.

The students who already study at Northern Helsinki Art School have to fill in a form in March every year to continue their studies.